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Fitore Munishi

Chief Accounting Officer

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Outsourced Online and Virtual Services

How Our Firm Helps Businesses Thrive

Online and Virtual Outsourced Accounting

We provide ongoing accounting services to our clients, where we reconcile bank statements, review and categorize transactions, prepare financial statements such as balance sheets and income statements, and generate reports that provide insights into the financial health of their business.

Online and Virtual Outsourced Bookkeeping

We offer comprehensive bookkeeping services to ensure accurate recording of financial transactions, including income and expenses. This enables up-to-date financial records and the ability to make informed decisions in a timely manner.

Cost Control

We play a crucial role in analyzing costs, identifying areas of inefficiency, and implementing cost-saving measures to improve the company's financial performance.

Analysis and Forecasting

We assist our clients in analyzing their financial data to identify trends, patterns, and potential opportunities or challenges. Through careful examination of historical data and industry benchmarks, we develop accurate financial forecasts that help our clients make informed strategic decisions and plan for the future.

Cash Flow Management

We monitor cash inflows and outflows, prepare cash flow forecasts, and implement cash management strategies to optimize liquidity and mitigate cash flow risks.

Inventory Management

We help in maintaining accurate records of inventory levels, tracking stock movements, and ensuring proper valuation of inventory.

Processes and Procedures

We work closely with our clients to develop efficient and streamlined financial processes and procedures tailored to their specific business needs. By establishing standardized workflows, documenting procedures, and implementing best practices, we help optimize their financial operations, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and compliance.

Internal Controls

We help our clients establish robust internal control systems to safeguard their assets, prevent fraud, and ensure financial integrity. This involves assessing risks, designing and implementing control measures, conducting periodic audits, and providing recommendations to improve controls and mitigate potential risks.

System Implementation

We assist our clients in selecting, implementing, and integrating accounting software systems that align with their business requirements. We ensure a smooth transition by migrating data, configuring the software, and providing training and support to maximize the benefits of the new system.

Financing Expertise

We provide our clients with expertise in financial analysis and assist them in preparing financial documentation required for loan applications or investment opportunities. By presenting accurate and compelling financial information, we help our clients secure the financing they need to fuel their business growth.

Financial Projections

Using historical data and market analysis, we create detailed financial projections that forecast revenue, expenses, and profitability for our clients. These projections serve as a roadmap for their business, helping them evaluate different scenarios, identify potential risks, and make informed strategic decisions to achieve their financial goals.

Financial Reporting & Compliance

We ensure accurate and timely financial reporting, maintain compliance with accounting standards, and provide necessary documentation for audits and regulatory requirements.

About Us

Pentagon Accountants was formed in 2020 by Fitore Munishi. Our mission is to be a leading company for accounting and finance services at the international level.

At Pentagon Accountants, we pride ourselves on being your trusted financial advisors, offering comprehensive accounting services tailored to meet your specific needs.

With our years of experience and deep understanding of the ever-changing financial landscape, we provide exceptional solutions that empower individuals and businesses to thrive.

Our mission is to deliver accurate, timely, and reliable financial information, helping you make informed decisions and achieve your goals. We believe in building long-term relationships based on transparency, integrity, and open communication.

With our dedicated team of experienced accountants, you can trust that your financial matters are in capable hands. Experience the Pentagon Accountants difference today and let us be your partner in success.


"Pentagon Accountants has provided accounting services to ALMA SHPK for several years. The company prepares service charge accounts for our properties, provides general accountancy advice, and provides excellent service at an affordable price. They are a company I would recommend without hesitation."

– Zulfi Saiti, ALMA SHPK


"Pentagon Accountants are very in tune with our business, easy to deal with, and integrate seamlessly with our employees. They do our quarterly management accounts, so we know exactly where we are regularly, giving us extra peace of mind. Their input has helped us focus on the direction we want to go and where we want to be.  To me, as a small business owner, it's indispensable to have the assistance of a professional firm on the financial side."

– Petrit Drenica, KPP Vushtrria


"Pentagon Accountants has helped me develop the proper business structures as each of my companies has expanded. Due to this, I am now able to reward my key employees in each firm with an appropriate equity stake and optimize the group structure while taking into consideration tax and commercial risk. The business consulting support and high-level technical expertise provided by Pentagon Accountants is exceptional."

- Serhat Kockan, Sedef Ahsap L.L.C


"Assisting us with strategic business planning, Fitore at Pentagon Accountants has been extremely helpful, and I would strongly recommend her and the firm to anyone in need of financial planning assistance."

– Oniksa Sllamniku, Travelista L.L.C

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